Terme of usage


terme n° 1

in progress


Article 1

Every editor must be in society. This is necessary for the payment of commissions that will make the platform. Failing to be self-employed, the editor will not be able to work for the platform. We ask to provide us with a Siret or Siren number to justify a professional registration.

Article 2

The content that will be written must absolutely be UNIQUE and written by the editor. Otherwise, the editor will be removed from the platform and his account banned so as not to mislead our customers.

Article 3

The writer agrees not to solicit customers outside the platform, even if he is asked. Otherwise, his pro account will be written off and the editor banned from the platform.

Article 4

For the sale of content to feed blogs: The file format that will sell the editor must be in HTML, save on a file .txt mandatory. The rights of the text will belong to the customer once the text ordered by the latter.

For the sale of digital books: The format must be in .PDF to facilitate reading